Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oh no, I'm in trouble!

Adelynn is getting to that age where she will say anything to anybody whether it be nice or mean. I noticed it a lot today. Like, Will was helping her clean up after a meal and she goes, " You stinky daddy." He didn't stink at all, he actually smelled good. Maybe she meant stinky in a good way?

I took her to fazolli's for supper tonight and there was a girl about 7 or 8 that sat behind us. Addy and her were kind of talking to each other off and on. Well, the girl had gotten spaghetti sauce all over her mouth so Addy says "You have messy mouth!"  The girl said, "No I don't!" She actually was getting mad at Adelynn. It was kind of funny. I reminded Addy that her mouth was messy as well.

Then, my mom had come over to watch her so I could go grocery shopping and when she was leaving Adelynn goes, "You suck grandma." What? Where did she get that from? We never say "You suck" around our house. Who knows. The things kids say.
Well hopefully her good looks will make up for the things she says. LOL


  1. That is a hilarious picture. Oh my word.

  2. Oh my word! This made me laugh so hard! I can just picture her telling your mom that she sucks! Not to mention the adorable photo you attached! Oh the things kids say.

  3. HELLO!! Are you still around? Have seen any updates here....

  4. Should say haven't seen any updates here....