Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mowing the Lawn

I work 9 hour days 4 days out of the week and than get half a day, usually on Wednesdays. I don't pick Addy up from daycare until 3:30 because that way I don't interrupt her nap time/ lunch time. So today I decided to help out my hubby who had been gone all last week on a missions trip. He was pretty tired this morning and has to work all week as well.

I decided to mow the lawn (at least the front yard) :). So, I got the lawn mower out and started going to town. Five minutes later this is what pulls up to my neighbor's house...

She hires 2 guys to come and mow her lawn. They have a push mower, and a John Deere lawn mower. Not only can you sit on this one, but you can also stand. Really? I mean, come on, our lawns are really not that big.

So the 2 guys get out and the one that gets on the John Deere mower waves at me with this smile ( or should I say smirk?) on his face. I wave back as my prego belly and I keep pushing away at the lawn. I look over not more than 5 minutes later, and he had already mowed her lawn and was putting his mower back on the trailer. I was not even half way done with our lawn. They then proceeded to get these blower things that blow the grass away, and started to blow it in my driveway... what? Unbelievable. When I finally finished I ran in to get this picture, just as they were driving away. I was actually laughing to myself practically the whole time I was mowing. :)


  1. wow you are AWESOME!!! thanks for doing this babe! I love you lots!

  2. Wow, Melissa, what time did you go into work if you mowed the lawn and then posted this at 10:18 am? I was thinking you were going to say they felt sorry for you and came over and mowed the lawn. HA!! Mom

  3. Maybe you should sweep up all the lawn clippings that they blew into your yard and give them back to the lady. :-)